After 8 years, MIlan Malpensa International Airport re-open the doors to International Spotters!

Clipper Association, in co-operation with SEA, is proud to announce the return of the first European ramp tour dedicated to International Spotters, organised since year 2004.

Two dates are scheduled for the event: Saturday September 12th and Sunday September 13th, 2020.

New places available:   14 places on Saturday 12th September and 15 places on Sunday 13th September


Who can attend

Invitation is open to Spotters and Aviation Friends that holds a Non Italian Passport/ID Card and live outside Italy.

Guests under the age of 18 are allowed only if accompanied by a parent.

Places available

70 places for each day are available. It will be possible to attend to one of them or to both days as well.

Places will be assigned strictly on the base of booking sequence.

Booking procedures

Booking is possible by using the form included in the section called “Registration“, on left menu of this page.

The form require the following info:

  • Full name and date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Phone number
  • E-mail
  • International Clipper Days selected
  • Copy (.pdf or .jpg) of ID (EU Citizens only) or Passport

IMPORTANT: Booking procedures will close on July, 31st 2020.


A contribution of €15,00 each person / each day is required (to cover the cost of Security personnel that we are obliged to hire for the days).

Once you’ve booked the event, you will be contacted by Clipper Association (at the provided e-mail) to be allowed to proceed with payment. We will need to receive a copy of the proof of payment, again via the specific form present in the Payment section on left menu of this page.

Clipper Association will then confirm the booking.

ID or Passport

To be admitted on the ramp, it is mandatory to bring along on the day the same document used for booking (PASSPORT or ID for EU COUNTRIES ONLY). Not possible to enter in case of missing of expired document.

No show during the event

In case of no show, Contribution for the day will be NOT returned. This because contribution is used by Clipper Association to hire security people for the day (it is mandatory to have a security guard every 20 people on the ramp) and payment for security have to be made in advance and it is not refundable.

Important Rules for the day

  • IMPORTANT: Its is mandatory to wear a high visibility YELLOW security jacket (no other colors admitted. The one you have in your car is OK). Bring your own. We will not provide security jacket.
  • In case Security people ask to stop photo activity, it is mandatory to respect the request and mantain appropriate behaviour.
  • In case of planes escorted by Security Force (Police) it is not possible to take pictures. Lay down camera and remain in place.
  • Do not rise and wave both arms to greet the pilots, one is OK.


The event(s) could be cancelled or shortened on the request of the Police in case of security issues. We do not take any responsibility in this case.
If ramp tours will be cancelled before the scheduled day, the partecipation fee will be remboursed. No remboursment in case of interruption during the event.

Additional info

It will be allowed to bring food and drinks on the ramp during the tour (reasonable quantities…NO Alcohols allowed), as well as photo equipment and a foldable chair. We suggest expecially to bring water/drinking.

Day schedule

08.00 hMeeting close to Airport gate nr. 3 (Close to previous AZ Crew Center), Identification and security check.
Photo activity on selected airport area (additional stops on the ramp in case of specific airplanes can be possible in the respect of security rules).
14.30 hTour’s end again at Airport gate nr. 3.

Places available

Last update9 March 2020 - 5:49 PM

Saturday 12 September - 8.00-14.30 Sunday 13 September - 8.00-14.30
14 places15 places


* = Mandatory field

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We will send you the information for the payment by bank transfer to the email provided.

The contribution is €15,00 each person / each day.

Payment receipt form

* = Mandatory field

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Hotel e B&B

Clipper Association have special agreement with the following hotels and B&B:


It is possible to park the car at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel at the cost of 1€ for the day and reach the Airport Gate nr. 3 walking (5 minutes).

Address: Via de Pinedo Ang, Via Oldrini, 21019 Case Nuove – Varese

Information request

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a request or question, use the form below:


* = Required field