Dear Friends,

in the hope that all our spotter friends and families are well, we unfortunately have to cancel this event until a later date.

Following some limitations for this year in the accesses inside the Milan Malpensa airport and for the continuous spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19 which does not allow us to give the guarantee to our friends to participate, we are forced to cancel this event.

We thank you for the confidence you have given us in maintaining the relative entrance fee paid within the Clipper Association, but we cannot continue with this deposit and we ask all our friends to provide us with their current account information in order to carry out the refund (find the form below).

Since the spotting activities inside Milan Malpensa airport are resumed for Clipper members (but with some limitations), we offer our friends the opportunity to participate in 1 or 2 spotting events depending on how much was paid in the 2020.

At any time you can request a refund using the form below or if you wish you can find the possibility to book 1 or 2 events according to the 2023 calendar of Clipper Associates.

In any case, when the situation allows us to peacefully organize a new Clipper International, people who registered in 2020 will always have priority in booking for the next event.

We are still sorry for the situation, we hope to meet you during this year at Malpensa, thank you!

The Clipper Staff

Refund request

This form allows you to obtain a refund of the fee paid for the Clipper International Day 2020.

We will make the payment as soon as possible, you will receive the receipt at the email address indicated.

    * = Mandatory field

    Clipper events 2023

    Last update - November 27th 2023

    DateEventTimeMeeting timePlaces available
    Sunday December 3Day8.00-15.0007:000
    Saturday December 16Day8.00-15.0007:0013

    General Rules

    Day schedule

    Meeting 1 hour before scheduling in front of Infocenter at Arrival level of Milano Malpensa Terminal 1 for identification and security check. 

    Photo activity on selected airport area (additional stops on the ramp in case of specific airplanes can be possible in the respect of security rules).

    New Covid-19 Rules

    • It is mandatory to present a valid green pass certificate as well as a valid identity document at the checks. 
    • It is mandatory to wear a surgical mask or FFP2 or higher indoors and on the runway coach, it is possible to remove it during spotting in the open air, advising to stay at least 1 meter apart from the others. 
    • Also at the meeting point, the temperature will be measured using a thermo scanner, if a temperature equal to or greater than 37.5 ° C is measured, entry will not be allowed.

    Booking procedures

    Booking is possible by using the form included in the section called “Booking“, on the top menu of this page.

    The form require the following info:

    • Full name 
    • Phone number
    • E-mail
    • The dates of the desired events (max 2 events allowed)
    • Copy (.pdf or .jpg) of ID (EU Citizens only) or Passport

    IMPORTANT: Booking procedures will close 15 days before each events.

    Clipper Association will then confirm the booking by email.

    ID or Passport

    To be admitted on the ramp, it is mandatory to bring along on the day the same document used for booking (PASSPORT or ID for EU COUNTRIES ONLY). Not possible to enter in case of missing of expired document.

    Cancellation – No show

    In case of cancellation, please write to indicating your personal information and the event to be canceled. 

    The paid fee can be used for another event if you cancel within 10 days before the event, otherwise the entrance fee will not be available or refundable (this because contribution is used by Clipper Association to hire the mandatory security guard for the day and payment that have to be made in advance and it is not refundable).

    In case of no show, contribution for the day will be NOT returned. 

    Important Rules for the day

    • IMPORTANT: It’s mandatory to wear a high visibility YELLOW security jacket (no other colors admitted. The one you have in your car is OK). Bring your own. We will not provide a security jacket.
    • In case Security people ask to stop photo activity, it is mandatory to respect the request and maintain appropriate behavior.
    • In case of planes escorted by Security Force (Police) it is not possible to take pictures. Lay down the camera and remain in place.
    • Do not rise and wave both arms to greet the pilots, one is OK.

    Additional info

    It will be allowed to bring food and drinks on the ramp during the tour (reasonable quantities…NO Alcohols allowed), as well as photo equipment and a foldable chair. We especially suggest bringing water/drinking.

    Booking spotting event – Year 2023

    This form allows you to book an event from the Clipper event 2023.

    It is possible to book 1 or 2 entrances, it depends on how many entrances have been paid in 2020 and 10 days before any single event.

      * = Mandatory field